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Dressing Down in Bondi with Life Without Andy

wbj x lwo web

Mitch T (right) wears stripe tee by Article No 1 from Glue Store, jeans from Levi’s, Vans sneakers.
Mitchel wears bomber, tee and pants from Marcs, Converse shoes from Glue Store.

Life Without Andy begun as an online platform to display photos from parties of cool kids and an exploration of travel and other real moments through the lens of Mitchel Ross and Mitch Tomlinson.
Today, it is a successful portal for cool content and all things pop culture, fashion, music, events and girls. Oliver Grand spent the day with the talented duo to find out how they exude a personal style which is distinctively their own with an air of the laid-back Bondi vibe.

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Mitch T (right) wears blue knit, chinos and shoes from Marcs, Ray Ban sunglasses from Sunglass Hut, Lack of Color hat from Glue Store.
Mitchel wears shirt from Vanishing Elephant, Lee chinos from Glue Store, sneakers from Bally.


web lwo x wbj

Ray Ban sunnies from Sunglass Hut.


Bondi is a melting pot for creative and aspirational places and people which allows style to be pretty expressive and varied. The overall feel is laid-back and cool – most guys get around in relaxed tees and ankle-rolled chinos.


wbj x lwo web 5

Mitch T (left) wears shirt from Vanishing Elephant , jeans from Levi’s.
Mitchel wears stripe knit from Vanishing Elephant , jeans from Marcs , Ray Bans from Sunglass Hut.


We are blessed with having the freedom to travel through work and shoot international campaigns which helps us see what is coming in and out of trend.


slide lwo x wbj


Mitchel: I am lucky enough to have a wife that works in Fashion which always helps. I’m also obsessed with surfing and basketball so you might see that lifestyle element through my style on occasions.


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Mitch T (left) wears stripe tee by Article No 1 from Glue Store.
Mitch R wears bomber, tee and pants from Marcs.


The lifestyle in Bondi is almost an oxymoron – it’s as relaxed as it is intense. There’s plenty of sights, swimming and exploring to do around the headlands. Then by night there’s always the next party, the next event, the next opening. It’s casual by day, chaotic by night.


wbj x lwo web 7

Shoes from Bally, Persol sunnies from Sunglass Hut.


Mitch T: In a world where everyone has become so isolated on account of mobile phones, even in public crowds how you dress can be an indicator of your personality. I think it’s extremely important to express yourself through style, it’s always a great way to start a conversation too, haha.


wbj x lwo web 3

Mitch T (right) wears stripe tee & bomber knitted jacket, pants and shoes from Marcs.
Mitchel wears t-shirt from Levi’s, Abrand jeans from Glue Store, sneakers from Bally.


All pieces available at Westfield Bondi Junction. Visit their website for store information.


Shot in collaboration with Westfield Bondi Junction 
Photography: Trevor King 
Styling: Jesse Arifien
Grooming: Luana Coscia

By Oliver Grand

August 30, 2015

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