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A Man’s Mane – 2 ways


1Taper Your Desires

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Chris wears Asos white blazer and Ermenegildo Zegna knit

Today’s modern man is making a return to the days of fortnightly haircuts at the barber. Three chairs no waiting, a cut-throat sharpened on a strop, fifteen-minute haircuts finished with bay rum and never wearing your hat inside are no longer thinks of a bygone era. There is something magical about the secret men’s business that happens at the barbershop and young men today searching for a way to connect are finding at the barber.

A tight fade tapered at the back with length and weight on top really suits any hair type and crosses almost all social boundaries. Equally at home or the boardroom as on the beach – this dapper style is easy to maintain once you master it.

1. Start with a great haircut. Your hairdresser may be an old school barber or a modern salon, but make sure they know how to wield their clippers over a comb and not just with an attachment. Ask for a tight taper, leave the length on top. Show them where you want the parting. High and tight will make it short high up the sides and back like a boxer. Low and tight, like Chris here means the hair is cut short at the edges and tapers to longer lengths more quickly.

2. Apply a strong hold pomade to shampooed and towel dried hair (Fatboy Tough Guy is my favourite) and comb hair thoroughly to help distribute the product.

3. Comb your hair forward onto your face, find the parting and comb hair to the sides smooth and flat.

4. Flick the front up and over the top and smooth with your hands.

The thick beard adds a Victorian flavour and screams virility. Keep your beard clean and soft by washing it regularly and softening with beard conditioner. Trim the straggly whiskers off without compromising thickness and density.


2Knot Your Average Do

chris final final

Knit by Acne


Sometimes referred to as a man bun or samurai style, the topknot has been around for centuries. Originally worn by marauding mongols like Genghis Kahn and elegant samurai warriors, the topknot was the perfect way to keep hair out of the face during battle while affording the wearer with protection from blows and vicious clubbings.

Today you’re more likely to see it on blokes who are out clubbing or playing samurai at the gym – it’s still a great way to wear long hair without it interfering with modern daily activity. Probably not ideal in a corporate environment, where a more tailored look is de rigeur.  You’re more likely to find men with physical jobs or working in the creative industries wearing this style. Brad Pitt and Jared Leto are two blokes that have managed to make this look rock on the red carpet.

1. To create the best version of this look, start with dirty hair. Pull it back with your hands tight at the crown and secure into a ponytail with a hair elastic.

2. Twist the ponytail until it folds back on itself and shape it into a tight bun with a few loose strands.

3. Use another hair elastic to keep it in place.

If your hair is freshly washed and you haven’t had a surf yet, spray some sea spray product into dry hair to dirty it up. Bumble and bumble make an awesome (but expensive) version, you can also find an affordable version at your local salon.



Words & Grooming Richard Kavanagh
Model: Chris Purceval @ Chic
Photography Trevor King
Styling Jesse Arifien

By Oliver Grand

January 10, 2015

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